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four principal bands of the Northern Blackfeet;
of how, beginning as a reporter on a provincial
paper, he has earned for himself distinction as a
writer for magazines.

He might have told these things but, being an
Indian, he didn't. And I for one am glad that
Instead of writing the book he might have written,
he has written this one. For here, sinking his
own engaging personality, his own Individual
achievements Into the background, he depicts
graphic phases of a life which has altogether van-
ished, of a race which rapidly is vanishing. I
know of no man better fitted than Chief Long
Lance to write a true book about the true Amer-
ican Indian and I know of no book 6n the subject
which better reveals the spirit of Indian youth in
the years that are gone and the spirit of times the
like of which will never be seen again.

I claim there Is authentic history in these
pages and verity and most of all, a power to
describe In English words the thoughts* the In-
stincts, the events which originally were framed
In a native language.

And I claim the white man will owe him a debt
for this work of his and that his people the
Indians already owe him a debt for having
performed it.